Xcite AV will work with you and your IT department to deploy your business’s audio visual systems.

Properly deployed audio visual systems will vastly improve your business’s ability to communicate and collaborate, both internally and with your clients externally. Whether it be Huddle Spaces, Meeting Rooms, Boardrooms, Training Rooms, or large Conference spaces, Xcite AV’s team of audio visual professionals will ensure a seamless, transparent experience.

Huddle Spaces

As businesses embrace more flexible workplace arrangements, there is an increasing reliance on ad hoc meeting rooms, or huddle spaces. These spaces are designed to accommodate ‘anytime’ meetings between a handful of people. The focus is on ensuring easy BYOD use for effective collaboration, and easy UC for looping-in off site colleagues and clients.

Xcite AV can guide you through the latest technology advances in this space to ensure you deploy the best possible integrated audio visual systems without breaking the bank.


Meeting Rooms

Mid-sized flexible meeting spaces allow teams to convene, collaborate and meet with clients, both in person and virtually via a UC system. A meeting room will benefit from well-deployed microphones (either tabletop or as a ceiling array), low-profile installed loudspeaker systems, along with an interactive display and camera.

A room booking system will help to ensure the space is efficiently utilised. Ease of use is paramount for all these audio visual systems. Xcite AV will expertly integrate all the technologies to provide a transparent user experience.


The stuffy, traditional boardroom is a thing of the past, but there remains a place in many businesses for a showpiece meeting room. Expertly designed, installed and integrated audio visual systems will not only increase the efficiency, productiveness and level of inspiration of executive meetings but can also surprise and delight. For example, IoT sensors can monitor and automatically adjust light levels, blinds, and air conditioning

Multiple displays and cameras can help to incorporate multiple off-site participants. Meetings can be streamed and/or recorded, while security via wireless encryption should also be considered.


Training Rooms

Ensuring your staff and the representatives of your product or service are appropriately trained is crucial to business success. Death by PowerPoint will no longer be tolerated.

Training is about engagement and participation, and your audio visual systems need to not only accommodate such modes of learning but help to facilitate them. Xcite AV will assist you in the process of specifying the latest and most effective presentation and collaboration technologies such as interactive flat panel displays, digital flip boards, and apps to ensure your training sessions are lively and memorable.

Large Conference Rooms

Xcite AV designs conference and presentation spaces for supreme flexibility without sacrificing performance. To maintain high levels of concentration and engagement, it’s not all down to the charisma of the presenter; audio visual systems play a pivotal role in the success of any conference or event.

Public address audio systems, large format LED or projection, wireless microphones, AV-over-IP networks, and live streaming systems, all come together to form a formidable in-house audio visual complement that can allow conferences to shine, even without specialist external audio visual operators.


What our clients say

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