The education sector places specific demands on its audio visual systems.

For many years, Xcite AV has been working with a range of educational institutions in both the K12 and higher education sector and understands those unique demands and potential pinch points. Xcite AV works with a trusted array of technologies that have proven themselves to be reliable, easy to use and durable — all crucial qualities of a high-performing audio visual system in education.

Performance Spaces

Performance spaces are showcases venues for schools’ creativity to shine. But installing and integrating the audio visual systems for performing arts spaces needs an eye for the long game. Xcite AV knows how to build-in infrastructure capacity for the long term, protecting your investment for decades to come. Meanwhile, the technology needs to flex with the various uses of the space; be friendly enough for students and volunteers to operate; and have the capacity to handle larger productions and special events.


Lecture Theatres

The demands of 21st century ‘lean forward’ learning weigh heavily on the design and integration of audio visual technologies. Lecture theatre’s now incorporate a suite of presentation, collaboration and UC technologies, that need to be expertly integrated to ensure the teaching academic is at ease and at their best, and the students are fully engaged, enjoying the educational benefits of face-to-face learning. Large-format LED, 4K presentation technologies, sophisticated loudspeaker and control systems all come to the fore.

K-12 Classrooms

Technology is permeating every aspect of the education experience, but as every good educator will attest: technology needs to be subservient to the teaching and not lead it. Xcite AV has many years experience in the installation and integration of technology into the classroom and is sympathetic to the needs of educators. For example, the pros and cons of opting for interactive white boards, interactive flat panels or other systems is more than a technology choice, it requires a whole-of-school consensus. Xcite AV is ready to walk educators through these and many other decisions.


What our clients say

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