Streamlined communication is essential when it comes to Australia’s Government departments.

We provide robust and reliable audio visual solutions that help to enhance the communication lines between their internal and external departments. With experience across courtrooms, local government councils, libraries and emergency service divisions, this puts Xcite at the forefront of being able to deliver complex yet effective spaces to almost every facet of the government sector.

Huddle Spaces

Superior Huddle Space solutions allow small teams or groups to get together outside of the traditional meeting room to problem solve and spontaneously collaborate. The intended use of these informal meeting spaces allows you to optimise the method of ‘walk up and use’ technology that’s built around activity based working.


Meeting Rooms

Where a more formalised meeting space is required, creating that perfect environment has never been more important. Leveraging technology solutions that enable your staff to effectively come together & improve outcomes can be the difference between a well utilised space that will make every second count. Your time is precious, and we help to make sure it is not wasted.

Operations & Control Rooms

As the name suggests, operation and control rooms are unpredictable and high-pressure environments that demand real time, critical information. The core component of a control centre is its communication system. Ensuring this system allows the ease of information and strategic orders to pass through the facility without failure 24/7. From emergency service agencies to law enforcement, audio visual technology that efficiently facilitates the control features of a sophisticated system allows staff to react and manage the scenario at hand with ease.


What our clients say

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