In response to the growing need for improved communications in the healthcare sector the government has implemented the ‘Telehealth’ initiative.

This program allows eligible practitioners and approved facilities to be reimbursed for investment in video conferencing systems. Your practice may be entitled to reimbursement of up to $6000 towards the cost of video conferencing systems including:

  • Desktop Video Conferencing Systems

  • Mobile Video Conferencing Systems

  • Fixed Video Conferencing Systems

This means that we can often implement a solution that does not cost you a cent; in some cases it can actually be revenue positive.

All of the solutions provided by Xcite AV are fully compliant with the standards detailed in Federal Government documentation, so you can be sure you will have the optimal consultative Telehealth environment for your patients.

As well as improving patient access to medical practitioners, Telehealth members are also eligible for ongoing MBS rebates as a part of the program, so there is certainly incentive to become a part of this program.

We can help you provide the documentation and put the systems in place, so that you can add Telehealth services to your capabilities with the minimum amount of hassle.